Friday, March 19, 2010

Tomorrow, it's spring.....

We've got sunshine and blue skies today and tomorrow and then it's back to rain. Spring in BC for sure. With the mild winter many of the trees are fully out in blossom, along with all the other spring flowers. Beautiful to look at. The sunshine feels great.

I don't know where my week has gone since last posting. It is easy to keep busy at home as there is more than enough to catch up on...like ironing :(. I'm feeling better but careful what I do, eat, etc.

With a new project decided on , I went to my LNS last saturday to pick up some of the colors required, along with a new Qsnap (11 x 17). With a new project ready and a new Qsnap I figured it was time to actually use my floor stand. Two handed stitching is wonderful! I should have done this years ago. The trip out to my LNS was good for morale. It's always fun to see the new charts, check out the floss and fabric. And yes, I dug into my stash and found some fabric to use. It is amazing what one finds in the stash box!!

Till next time.

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Mel said...

I'll trade your BC rain for some AB snow? :)

Your stand is just awesome! Glad that your trip to your LNS was good.