Friday, February 12, 2010

it's finally here

it has been a long road getting to here, today, and Vancouver welcomes the world!

Monday afternoon enroute home I happened into a portion of the torch relay/hand off. Traffic was stopped and the parade marched by so to speak and I had the best seat in the house from my car.! You could feel the pride, shown in the numbers of people waiting, some standing, some sitting in lawn chairs.....flags, balloons, and the excitement in the air. Being directly across from a hand off point I was able to see the young man waiting for his turn with the torch was beaming , family and friends taking many pictures. There were many parade vehicles, great music and finally the torch team rounded the corner...... magical ...alot of cheering...the procession continued east to the awaiting crowds and I continued my drive west. It was a special moment.

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